Saturday, October 18, 2014

Disney Cars Die Cast have arrived!

Disney Mattel Cars Diecast Cars Lot 

Some are 2006 First Edition Desert diecast, made in Thailand, the ones marked China are 2007 Supercharged versions. 

Sheriff (Mercury)~Thailand 
Lightning McQueen (A blend of many sports cars) ~Thailand
Doc Hudson (Hudson Hornet)~China
Sally (Porsche 911) ~Thailand
Mater (Inspired by the 1951 International Harvester boom truck)  ~Thailand
Luigi and Guido (Fiat 500) ~China

Available NOW at in our Toy department! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Never Under-Estimate the Power of the Security Blanket

So, you get this adorable and super cute blanket at your baby shower from Aunt Thelma, and you decide THIS is THE ONE. The one you will swaddle your precious little one with, take all  those unforgettable first pictures with, the one you will pack away in that box that will remain in your closet until he has his first baby.

Your baby sleeps with that blankie every day. Every nap, and every night time slumber, that blankie is there. From cartoons to car rides, blankie is the best thing around. You sneak it to the washer right after breakfast and dry it quick as lightning, so he'll never know it was gone. Even when that child turns about 2, he still won't  go ANYWHERE with THAT blankie. Your baby has become the child with his "Woobie" in the "Mr Mom." movie. 

And then, IT happens. Blankie goes to the store just like every other grocery day. You come home and unload your toddler and the groceries, and the nightmare begins. "Momma, blankie!!" You figure it must have gotten left in the car again. You go back to the car, and find it's not there. The wave of panic comes. You begin retracing your steps. Think! Think! THINK! "When did I last see blankie? Was it at the bank? At the store? Did I take it out of the cart?" You realize, no. "No, I didn't take it out of the cart!" Back to the house, Milk and Butter in the fridge, and back to the store you go. 

The whole way, your toddler is screaming because it's way past nap time at this point. You try to calm him. You try to tell him in just a minute, he'll have his blankie back. In the back of your mind you're thinking "Pleeeeease, please let the blankie be in the cart." You go back to the cart corral you put your cart in after you unloaded your groceries, but it's empty. Back into the store, and you frantically check EVERY cart in the corral in the entryway. Still no sign of blankie. Off to the Customer Service Desk to see if anyone found it. Your answer is not what you were hoping for. "I'm sorry, no ones turned it in yet. You can leave your name and phone number, and if anyone brings it to us, we'll be sure to get in touch with you." 

In the car, you're thinking "I am NEVER going to sleep again!" Where can I get another blankie?" And it hits you. While having children is a wonderful thing, it does VERY strange things to your memory. "Where did Aunt Thelma say she got that blanket?" and "I can't even remember what the tag said. I have NO idea who made it!" You tell yourself to keep calm..calm. Surely Aunt Thelma will remember where she got it, right? 

The phone call to Aunt Thelma, like most everything else has gone, does not go as you'd hope. She can't remember either. You rush to every department store and baby store as closing time quickly approaches. This is NOT how you planned to spend your day. Thank God for leftovers. Though you try, another blanket can't be found. ANYWHERE. You buy a cuddly blue blanket in hopes that your little one will warm up to it. Not happening. After a dreadfully long night, you pick up your tablet, and try your last resort, look online. But you can't remember anything but that the color was blue and white, it had little stars on it, and on the trim it read "Mommy's Angel". There are a lot of blue things online that say "Mommy's Little Angel". You mutter to yourself  "I really wish I thought to buy a back-up blanket. This day wouldn't have been such a nightmare!" 

That's where online sellers like me come in. I try to keep as many "Woobies" as I can in stock, and ship them to you as quickly as possible to make sure your little one doesn't go without his blankie, and you don't lose anymore sleep! 

Check out my selection and let me save the day! Gently Used Baby Blankets

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Love~What No Tornado Can Take Away

I'm always full of good ideas, but somehow, I lack the know-how to always follow through on them. I was recently reading a post on Sandy's Simple Recipes wall on Facebook about a backpack. Just a picture of a used backpack, noting how "lonely" it was since school was over. There were comments about what to do with those backpacks. It hit me then-"why not send them to the tornado victims in Oklahoma?" I posted this comment on her wall, and this beautiful thing happened. She put in touch with Evie's Garden's, whose family is collecting items and donations for a family they've "adopted" in Moore, OK, and anything that that family can't use is being given to others who are in need at this very difficult time. 

She later shared this story with me:
 "I want to share something with you... this family we adopted (my closest neighbor, it's his sister and her family). After the tornado hit, and before they could get back to their home, looters came in. The fifteen year old had been mowing lawns and was saving his money. He had $157 in his wallet. Someone took the money out of his wallet and threw it back down." Through her Facebook page, she raised the $157 and then some to return to the boy. 

This was my reply: 
"I come from a family that didn't have a lot, though I am an only child, I was raised side-by-side with my 6 cousins that lived next door most of my life. My Grandfather was a wonderful man, and the closest thing I ever had to a Dad. He taught us to Love Thy Neighbor, Respect Your Elders, and work hard for what you want, and the best in life will come to you. So, that child, being part of a large family, and working hard to earn that money that was so easily taken, has had "the best in life returned to him", proving my grandad right.  Though I think the most important thing is this child has learned that love, bottom line, is what matters most. He still has his family and his life, to lose that would be far more devastating than $157."

I have since partnered with Evie's Garden's, and I am offering to forward any purchases made through my store to this wonderful and kind-hearted woman, whom along with her sister and niece, is providing a way for us that can't be there to help these families rebuild their lives, and make it through their darkest hour. 

*Delivery confirmation tracking information will be sent to purchaser of donation items. 

*Photo Courtesy of

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to replace the rear panels on the Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse

We all know that though Fisher Price is known for quality toys, they just don't make 'em like they used to. I have also learned in 12+ years of raising children, that children CAN break ANYTHING! My neighbor is planning a move soon, and gave my daughter a broken Fisher Price Grand Dollhouse (the new pink model), and it was missing some parts and one of the inside floor supports were broken. My daughter decided she didn't really want it, so I took it to sell the good parts, as replacement parts for these houses are hard to find, and Fisher Price is offering very limited part selection at this time. 

I was going to sell the entire base, but realized that once the house is constructed there is a slim likelihood that it would need to be completely replaced. However, it occurred to me that the rear panels that close it up for storage, could possibly be cracked or broken off as this plastic is a lot thinner than the 90's version of the Grand Dollhouse

So I decided to remove them and sell them as replacements. Well, it was easier said than done, as the bottom of the hinges has been sealed, unlike the earlier versions. I am not one to give up, however, and figured that they got them in there, there must be a way to get them out. I started by poking a small screwdriver eyeglass repair kit through the VERY tiny opening, and pushed and turned until I saw the shiny metal rod. 

 YES! There was a way! I recommend a dremel or very small drill bit and a low setting on a regular drill to make this process a little less tedious and messy. Whatever you do, slow and steady is the best way. 

The next step was to remove the rod. This is where you must be very careful, because the thin plastic at the top of the hinge that remains on the dollhouse cracks very easily. I took a precision screwdriver with a very small flat bit, and gently wiggled in between the plastic and the metal rod. Using light pressure, I was able to pop the rod out of the bottom hole. 

I then flipped the house over and pulled out the exposed metal rod. 

You just finish pulling that bad boy out~


reverse the process for replacement! 

I don't think that the rods will slip out after you replace your broken panel, but I believe a touch of hot glue or super-glue would seal the hole back up if you prefer to be sure. 

These parts will be available for purchase soon at Kid-Cra-Zee Toys and More

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Cars Toddler Bed Set~Cartoon Cute!

This Disney Cars Lightning McQueen toddler bed set is one of the cuter ones, in my opinion. The newer sets have taken on a more "mature" look, and this set keeps with the "cartoon" genre of the original Cars movie. It features a reversible pillowcase with McQueen on one side and his best bud Tow Mater on the other. I also love the checker board pattern on the trim!

This set was also used on the product image for the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Roadster Toddler bed. I can't wait for some little boy (or tomboy) to enjoy this in their big boy bed!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Just Need A Minute...

I'm no expert, but I've raised a few kids in my lifetime. As a parent my #2 biggest complaint about parenting is SLEEP DEPRIVATION. From just cranky to colic, I've had a lot of advice on what to do to get some sleep. While there can be underlying health issues that are very important, and should NOT be ignored, if you're thinking that your baby just doesn't want to "miss anything", and that she's otherwise perfectly healthy, these are some products that have been tried and truly worked for me.

First, the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Travel Swing. I had purchased a full size version, and my son was scared of it. I put him on the table in this one, and he would get the MOST sleep there as an infant. If it wasn't for this swing, no one would have had clean clothes.

As he got too big for the swing, we tried the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Bouncer

If you thought the screaming of an overtired baby was bad, there's nothing like an overtired, and now TERRIFIED baby. So, I bought the Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer

I heard the angels sing! He LOVED this bouncer! With the help of it's soothing vibration, he kicked, giggled, and cooed himself right to SLEEP! 

I have also mentioned the Baby Einstein Turtle Crib Soother in a previous post. 

This soother was also a favorite with my children. The music and motion of the fish was mesmerizing, and even at 3 years of age, my son was entranced by this soother, and promptly told me to "shut it off!"

*Be sure you are not purchasing a recalled item. The first version was recalled, and the toy was redesigned to meet safety standards. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, and I currently do not have them in stock at, please email me through the "Email Me" button on my website, and I'll see if I can locate one for you. (Buyer responsible for shipping costs.)

Happy Nappin'!